IMPORTANT NOTICE: Without prior notification to POATRI, Google recently revamped its Google Maps Platform so that it is no longer free to embed Google Maps on websites. The new platform requires owners of such websites to enable billing, create API keys and make other onerous changes so that Google can charge for usage. We are researching both how and whether POATRI should submit and comply with these mandates – or find an alternative interactive maps solution. Until these issues are resolved, our existing maps will still be available but you may see a “This page can’t load Google Maps correctly.” nag when you load them and a “For development purposes only” overlay on the maps themselves. All other features of the maps persist, however. Your patience as we seek a resolution for this matter is appreciated.

This mapping program should be used as a guide.  Only a licensed surveyor can give you the actual boundaries and GPS coordinates of your property.

Google Earth

Download Tract Maps for the Terlingua Ranch area to view and search in Google Earth.

Google Earth Tract Maps

Web Maps

Please read the notice above before proceeding. Click on the region to the right to go to that map. If you need help finding your region, view the tract numbers below.

F120 – F889

H1 – H36

3072 – 3162

5001 – 5169

Agua Fria Map >>

H37 – H158

G1 – G752

4008 – 4981

5201 – 5291

Big Bend Valley Map >>

C1 – C403

6000 – 6941

Cedar Springs Map >>

1 – 437

1801 – 1830

Highway 118 Map >>

NC1 – NC1023

441- 1309

1400 – 1500

1601 – 1699


8001 – 8999

9000 – 9050

North Corazones Map >>

GT101 – GT155

F1 – F119

2001 – 3071

Solitario Map >>


All Regions >>

Ranch Facilities Map >>


Highway 118SolitarioBig Bend ValleyAgua FriaNorth CorazonesCedar Springs