We will be selling NON POTABLE Water from the 3 Mile Road Well ( the north well)
Starting tomorrow from 9am to 1pm. You must come to office and pay , then bring receipt to attendant at the 3 Mile well.

Starting next week we will be selling water 5 days a week, and will be closed Friday and Saturday.

Restrictions for now will be 500 gallons per Member Account per week.

Hours of Operations

Thursday April 18th – 9am – 1pm
Friday April 19th – 9am – 1pm
Saturday April 20th – 9am – 1pm
Sunday April 21st – 9am – 1pm
Monday April 22nd – 9am – 1pm
Tuesday April 23rd – 9am -1pm
Wed April 24th – 9am -1pm
Thursday April 25th – 9am – 1pm
Friday – April 26th – CLOSED
Saturday – April 27th – CLOSED
Sunday April 28th – 9am – 1pm
Monday April 29th  – 9am – 1pm
Tuesday April 3oth – 9am – 1pm