Pool Closing
The Pool is closing early October due to the lighting storm last Thursday October 21st
We need to replace the pool well pump and install the sounding tube to continue monitoring our water usage and recharge levels.
Bad Rabbit TABC
On September 1st 2021 TABC migrated the license renewal process to online only with The Alcohol Industry Management System (AIMS)
Our license is active and has been renewed. TABC is working with the AIMS system vendor to update the portal on transferring old license numbers to new license number with AIMS and a way to change the name of officers holding the license.
Water and Conservation Committee
We are proud to present POATRI Terlingua Ranch Conservation website
www.poatriinthedesert.com/ it is a work in progress and our future as a community in the chihuahuan desert
the website is an open invitation for the community to share ideas and participate with our history, present and future.