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Terlingua Land Sales – 432-371-2414 – tls@bigbend.net

Bates Land Sales – 800-729-1406 – jackbatesland@yahoo.com

Mak Land Company – 432-837-9555 – maklandcompany.net

Morris Carter – 432-371-2734 – moraycarter@yahoo.com


Tract 5075 – 80 acres more or less, S/2 of SW/4 of Sec 14 Blk 215 T&TSL RR , Not in good standing, taxes owed.  Please reference the Rudolfo property when calling. Contact Sherman Shiraishi, ESQ by email shermshir@hawaii.rr.com  or  2403 Ulu Maika Street. Lihue, Hi 96766 (808)-245-3361 Phone or (808)-246-0486 Fax. Posted 6/25/18

Tract F286 – 5 acres more or less, Blk 214, Sec 21. &  Tract F754 – 5acres more or less, Blk 215, Sec 9.  $2000. Each or $3000 for both tracts, or best offer. Would prefer to sell together. Taxes are Current, 2018 Dues owed only.  Email caroline@iweb.com or carolineannayawn@yahoo.com . Posted 6/6/2018

Tract F366 – 5 acres more or less, Sec 18 Blk 214 T&TSTL RR $500.00 , not in good standing. Taxes ARE paid. Lien on property. Contact Bill Plant 432-294-0329

Tract F282 –  5 acres more or less, Sec 21 Blk 214 T&TSTL RR $500.00 , not in good standing. Taxes ARE paid. Lien on property. Contact Bill Plant 432-294-0329




Tract G323 – 5 acres more or less, Sec 33 Blk 216 T&STL RR. Corner lot, not surveyed. Close to American Legion and Little Burro Country Store. Just 3 miles off Hwy 118 on well maintained road views of Red Bluff, 9 Point Mesa. $1700.00  firm. Contact signalgurl@gmail.com. Posted 12.3.18

Tract G343 – 5 surveyed acres, Sec 28 Blk 216, T&STL RR , has 31X13 Cinder Block Cabin, furnished. Solar Electric, 3 Storage Rooms, One Laundry Room with Washer and Dryer. Water tanks in place. Taxes and ranch dues are paid. 1 1/2 miles of 118 Contact me at art.rose.1952@gmail.com or 432-371-2010. Asking $26,500.  Posted 7/2/18

Tract 4766- 40 acres more or less, Sw/4 of NE/4 Sec 15, Blk 216 T&TSTL RR , Good Standing with POA, Taxes are paid. Contact AL Jones at 830-428-8290 or rvman1745@gmail.com

Tract 4765 – 40 acres more or less, SE/4 of NW/4 Sec 15 Blk 216 Good Standing with POA, Taxes are paid. Contact AL Jones at 830-428-8290 or rvman1745@gmail.com


Tracts 6811 – 20 acres more or less, W/2 of SE/4 of SW/4 Sec 29 Blk CS, $7500. Tract C105 5 acres more or less , Sec 3 Blk CS & $3000.00 Tract C384 – 5 acres more or less, Sec 2 Blk CS – 30 Acres all together for Sale $13,500. or Best Offer. Contact Dauphine and Jefry St Louis.  at Dstl29@yahoo.com or (321) 961-8749

Tract 6465 – 10 more or less, Sec 21, Blk CS $2900.00 Hamdi Altatewy 1445 E Weber Road Columbus OH 43211.
Email at alatewy@gmail.com or call 614-596-5144 – Posted 1\9\17

Tract C027 – 5 acres more or less, Sec 3 Blk CS. $1200. Contact Lorraine Gilbert at 475-449-9088 – Posted 10/25/16



Tract NC0486 – 5 acres more or less Sec 30, Blk NC . 1/3 of a mile off Ranch Road. Flat with beautiful views. Cleared 300ft Drive.  Current on POA dues and taxes $2500.00 Contact Richard  Grisham 254-255-4638 / Jamajacks@hotmail.com   Posted 12/10/18

Tract 8987 – 10 acres more or less, BLK 217, Sec 34, NW/4 – SW/4 – NE/4. One Mile off Hwy 118. Easy Access. Flat with nice view. Current on POA dues and taxes. Priced to Sell. $2250.00. Contact Bill at txvogl@yahoo.com or 210-393-4130.  Posted 12/3/18

Tract 8440 – 20 acres more or less,  N/2 – SE/4 – NW/4  Blk NC, Sec 32.  $9000.00 Please contact Janet at jvloiselle@aol.com. Posted 8/6/18

Tract 1726 – consisting of, 5 acres land with many improvements …Main Building 1052 sq ft
Exterior and interior walls – cement block, stucco covered and painted
Sloped metal roof  2 full baths, 1 opens to the outside off of the patio
Kitchen – electric stove cook top, plenty of built in cabinets, double sink
Utility room – washer dryer, refrigerator, deep freeze, storage, double oven
Living room / dinning room – 2 dinning tables and chairs, TV,
couch / double recliner, cement/native stone floor & wood burning fire place
room divider, sleeping area – queen bed and full bed, desk / hutch
Out buildings & other improvements
6×6 10′ high metal storage shed / deer stand (water pressure system house)
covered game cleaning area
6×6 well house / storage, same construction as main building
20×20 wood 3 sided carport
patio area & walkways native stone
small native stone fish pond,12 RV spaces each 20 ft wide (electric – septic – water hook ups)
Well – 200 ft, never been dry, 62 feet (from the top) static water level
Airlift system, air compressor, storage tank complete and operational
Pressure system, jet pump and pressure tank complete and operational.
24/7 gravity water system for wildlife (guzzler) large septic system
Abundant Wildlife  Mule Deer, Javelina, Scaled Quail, White Wing Dove and varmints
All pictures taken from immediate vicinity of the camp except for #14 which are taken from Christmas Mountain showing the whole area around the camp. You can make out the Terlingua Ranch Runway, just above is the ranch lodge area and just off the end and down is the camp. The camp is about a 1/4 of a mile from the runway. Runway is a dirt strip, small aircraft.
All for only $135,000 as is . Possible owner carry . Contact James Dunn at grouchyjim@gmail.com


Tract 0976 – 80 acres more or less, S/2 of SE/4 Sec 12 Blk TER. Must sell quickly. Please call Barbara Trammell at (432) 371-2414 for more details. Posted  5/29/18

Tract NC0603 – 5 acres more or less  Sec 13, Blk 217. Vacant Land $2000 OBO. Current on POA Dues and Taxes. Contact Darryl D. Kruger at grigori615@gmail.com

Tract 8338 – 20 acres more or less Sec 33 Blk NC .  Contact Alfred Jones for more info at rvman1745@gmail.com or Call at 830-428-8290

Tract 966 – 40 acres more or less, SW/4 of NW/4 Sec 12, Blk TER.  Flat, Usable gently sloped tract without arroyos. The Power Lines are no the adjacent lots roughly 1000′ west of the property or 1200′ to the south. The property sits approx 500′ east of the Terlingua Ranch Road and 320′ norht of Marathon Road.  $23,500.  Contact vbk1@bigbend.net  Posted 2/19/18

Tract 1130 –  48 Acres more or less, NW/4 of SE/4 Sec 4 Blk 335 GC&SF RR $2083.33 per acre.  Tract is exempt of POATRI Fees, with Zero account balance. Please contact Michael Asher at 210-659-4518 or rasher909@yahoo.com.  Posted 1/23/18

Tract 8236 – 20 acres more or less, Blk NC, Sec 22 And Tract C100 5 Acres more or less in Cedar Springs BlK CS, Sec 3. Considering Selling or looking to trade , Call Mark Williams 325-514-0300 – Posted 12/21/16

Tract 8842 – 40 acres more or less, Sec 15, Blk 217. $22,000. Contact Cynthia at 512-858-4258 or email at mailbox@burkecenterforyouth.org. – Posted 8/23/16

Tract NC0617 –  5 acres, Sec 13 Blk 217 .  $25,000.  Tract is 360X660 Includes New Cabin and New Shed. Contact Craig at  craigibt@gmail.com – Posted 6/30/16

Tract 0857 B-1 &  B-C  – 2.50 acres more or less, out of Tract 857, NW/4 of SE/4 Sec 3 Blk TER.  This tract is located just off of Terlingua Ranch Rd. about 3 miles from the Lodge.  Acres are combined – 1 1/2 each.  Has a 2 Bdr/2 Bth home with custom rock patio and with covered deck/patio in front & back.  Has a separate 2 car garage, has 2 separate carports, also 1 site built water pump & storage building, one large 12×20 portable barn building, another 10×12 portable & a small metal building.  Has electric, propane and water.  Water is on a community well  with 2 other homes.  Garbage dumpster is available.  Dues & taxes current.  Abundant wildlife & beautiful mountain views.  $50,000.  Please text 254-577-9139 – posted 2/3/16



Tract 2229 A&B – 20 acres more or less out of N/2 of NE/4 of SE/4, Sec 28 Blk G-12 GC&SF.  Five miles north of Ghost Town. Off-grid solar home with recently installed septic system. Surveyed and plat filed. Photos at https://1drv.ms/a/s!At8h_4Ev0x4FnlzGLBSQXTQm2fT3  $65K OBO. Contact William Green at geochemistry@live.com. Posted 9/20/18

Tract 2247 –20 acres more or less, S/2 of SE/4 of SE/4 , Sec 21. Blk G-12 GC&SF RR. Spectacular terrain, views and vistas. 150′ of elevation change on this tract. Arroyos and cliffs near the north east property lines of the tract. Excellent domed out cropping overlooking the arroyos, the valley and the mountains beyond. $5000.00  Contact   vbk1@bigbend.net .   Posted 2/19/18

Tract 2445 – 20 acres more or less, Sec 18, BLK G-12.   Tract NC0456 – 5 acres more or less, Sec 19, Blk NC $9,500. for both tracts. Write Dennis Tucker at 2802 VZCR 1502 Van, Tx. 75790 – Posted 8/4/16

Tract 2670 –  20 acres more or less, Sec 63, Blk G12.  $6000.  Land has wet weather creek that runs thru the back of the acreage.  Contact 360-593-6281 for more info. – Posted 7/13/16


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