Terlingua Ranch is a property owners association, we do not buy or sell land.

Occasionally Terlingua Ranch will accept land as a donation and then auction the land that has been donated.

There is a vast variety in several different factors among our 9,500 different tracts of land.  Factors like size, topography, views, vegetation, road access, soil type, proximity to neighbors and to town.  The availability of water, electricity, phone and internet along with the ability of various types of vehicles being able to access your land are also factors that differ between the tracts.

If you are wishing to purchase land, our advice is to figure out exactly what you want before you even start looking.  Narrow your search and then patiently try to find what your are looking for.  We average two tracts of land being bought and sold every day so there is no rush.  There will always be land being bought and sold on Terlingua Ranch.

Look before you buy

“Where is my land and how to I get there?” is the toughest question we get.  You will  probably be much happier with the land you purchase if you look at it first.  Some of our roads are high clearance, 4WD or AWD only.  If you have any wish to ever have an RV, trailer, manufactured home, or a semi truck full of building materials taken to your land, you will want to make sure you don’t buy land that is in a high clearance 4WD/AWD only area.

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Do your research

If you are buying land on Terlingua Ranch that has past assessments, interest or liens attached to it, the debt will transfer to you when the land does.  If you are selling land with past assessments, interest or liens from Terlingua Ranch, your debt will be pro-rated by acreage and transfer to whomever you sell the land.  If you work with professionals, they check this information for you. If you choose not to work with professionals then you may inquire with Property Owner Services.

Terlingua Ranch Property Auction

The results of the last Terlingua Ranch Property Auction are listed below.  The next Terlingua Ranch Property Auction will begin on September 1st.


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