The original Urban Engineering Tract Maps of Terlingua Ranch.

These maps should be used as guides only: Consult a licensed surveyor for the actual boundaries and GPS coordinates of your property.

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East Hwy 118

1 – East Highway 118

West Hwy 118

2 – West Highway 118

South of North Corazones

3 – East North Corazones

East Solitario

4 – East Solitario

West Solitario

6 – West Solitario

Agua Fria

7 – Agua Fria

Big Bend Valley

8 – Big Bend Valley

East & West Hwy 118, North of Agua Fria

9 – BBV Hwy 118

Cedar Springs

10 – Cedar Springs

North North Corazones

11 – West North Corazones

Block G4, Section 215

12 – Sec 215 Blk G-4
Map no longer available