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Important Dates for Director Election 2020:

Sept 1st,2019 -Director Application available online and in office
Sept 23rd,2019 -Newsletter Reminder
Oct 25th,2019- Deadline for Director App 5pm
Oct 26th,2019- Drawings for Ballot Positions
Nov 26th, 2019-Property Owner Deadline for Members in Good Standing Status
Nov 26th,2019 -Voter List and Ballots Created and Posted on Website
Dec 2nd,2019- Send Ballot to Printer
Dec 6th, 2019-Deadline for Voter List Errors By Property Owners
Dec 9th,2019- Deadline for Ballots to be mailed out
Jan 10th,2020- Cut off for remaining ballots
Jan 25th,2020- Election
Jan 28th,2020- Fixed Content Copy of list of voters posted on
Jan 31st,2020- Cut off for Recount
Feb 1st,2020-Election Results published from office

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